Senior Software Engineer / .Net Engineer

  • Languages: C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python
  • Frameworks/Technologies: .NET, Angular, WebApi, SQL, TSQL, Blazor, Ionic, MAUI
  • Tools: Azure DevOps, SQL Server Management Studio, Azure Cloud, VS Code, Jetbrains IDEs, NeoVim
  • Cloud Tools: Azure WebApps, Azure Storage, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Grid, Azure Functions, Azure Search, Azure Maps, Azure Storage, Azure SQL, Azure Api Gateway 
  • Soft Skills: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, adaptability, detail-oriented
  • Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Safe, Kanban
  • Design Patterns: Micro Services, Mediator, Sub/Pub, Observer, Domain Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing 
About Me

With a passion for technology and an analytical problem-solving approach, I am eager to contribute to innovative projects in software development. My professional journey has been marked by a dedication to developing scalable and secure applications, using my extensive .Net expertise to deliver top-tier software solutions. I thrive in dynamic environments, adapting swiftly to new challenges and continuously advancing my technical skills.

  • I currently live in Palm Bay, FL.
  • I am willing to accept Local, Remote, and Hybrid Positions.
  • I can travel anywhere in the US Continental Boarders