Seeds of Faith: Nurturing Belief in the Garden of Life

A man teaching a small boy to tend a garden.
In the beginning, living the gospel can seem like a chore, something that takes up precious time that we would rather spend riding our bikes, or engaging with friends. But, as we endeavor to do the things that we are commanded, and exercise faith in our beliefs, our garden will grow. The summer will pass into harvest, and we shall see the fruits of our labors. Then shall we know the truth of these things? Read more
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Enhanced Security Features in .NET 8

Engineers Developing Secure Code, Drawn by DALL-E from Open AI

With the release of .NET 8, a slew of Security Features have been introduced to help Developers harden their applications against attacks. In this article, we will look atew features and some of these nhow you can start using Read more

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