Navigating the Oceans of Life

Ship at sea returning to port
Another significant spiritual danger we must consider are the Waves of Complacency. Like gentle waves on the ocean, we can be rocked into a sense of Complacency that can subtly erode our spiritual foundation, much like how a calm sea can suddenly give way to treacherous currents if we are not vigilant. Read more
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Seeds of Faith: Nurturing Belief in the Garden of Life

A man teaching a small boy to tend a garden.
In the beginning, living the gospel can seem like a chore, something that takes up precious time that we would rather spend riding our bikes, or engaging with friends. But, as we endeavor to do the things that we are commanded, and exercise faith in our beliefs, our garden will grow. The summer will pass into harvest, and we shall see the fruits of our labors. Then shall we know the truth of these things? Read more
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